Responsibility or Freedom Response

In the world of “make believe” everyone has been taught to use the imagination. Some are never told that most of what the society around them is made of is just that, someone’s imagination. Here in the desert, imagination is not needed. Since the bareness, basic skills required are very realistic once one finds their inner sanctuary of their Sacred Me that enjoys the beauty in nature surrounding their Sacred Space. Imagination is stimulated, yet never dominant, because in reality here, there would be a loss of the moment were one to be lost in their imagination. The sky is open to see the clouds shape their variances. The heat from our sun is pleasant while being shaded from it. At night. the stars, moon, and solar space breathe reality to a greater realm outside the society presented from other’s imagination. Hence, one’s imagination does not totally get stifled, it just becomes more pleasantly integrated under the creativity powers that emerge. Peace



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sunpeacesanctuary by ABEM

Single traveler who has something of a purposed view to help others travel through the context of LIFE. This site is the place of rest, relax, reconnect, restore and revision your sacred space within by allowing Freedom to flow out of you into the cosmic correlation serendipitous to us ALL. Here is where the journey simultaneously ends to begin, by Understanding. Ok. About me. Simple. Once you release this Freedom from within, you will know me and be One with your own Sacred ME within. Simple. Peace.