American freedom: door without doorway

In a nightmare of people brought into the United States by Corporate level operations, offering a dream to those participating as a means for economic growth and viability, 3 doors are available to choose as an escape. The first and clearest is compromise by “going with the flow”. The nightmare behind this choice reveals unlearned languages between the arrivers and those here before. The advantage works to the bilingual populace and favored arrivers’ language, setting back the dominant American languaged populace. Increase of social service appears to grant a workload as “increased jobs” and expansion, yet not as clear for the mono languaged dominant American speaker. The second door complacent reaction that opens to traditionalistic dreams of outdated standardization of harvesting with immigrated workers who get tossed onto the American system once there is no available work, using an outdated excuse that imported labor covers the “jobs Americans don’t want”. Really, this is just a nightmare, remember that. Finally, what appears to be a third door, is actually ” a door with no doorway” and requires you Wake Up! It’s your Freedom as an American Who was taught English as your dominant language and has a constitutional guideline written in English to protect your rights as an American citizen from all foreign invasion, tyranny, and hostile conditions. You have the freedom of speech, use it. Stand as an American who is free to bring acknowledgement to your government of infringement against you. is a welcome way to get resolution started. You are born Free, growing up learning to remain Free. It is your American duty to speak up against corporate society, immigrated people bullying or ganging their native language as means to interfere with you, your freedom, and American citizenry. This is not a doorway out of the nightmare of someone else’s ideological dream, freedom is your inherent birthright. Peace.


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Single traveler who has something of a purposed view to help others travel through the context of LIFE. This site is the place of rest, relax, reconnect, restore and revision your sacred space within by allowing Freedom to flow out of you into the cosmic correlation serendipitous to us ALL. Here is where the journey simultaneously ends to begin, by Understanding. Ok. About me. Simple. Once you release this Freedom from within, you will know me and be One with your own Sacred ME within. Simple. Peace.