Sacred Dance: Living Optimistic Virtuous Experience

What brings us here together ?   One complete Circle, the Sphere of Mother Earth is round, being spun around by the forces of balance between the Offspring Moon & Solar SUN father, Together in Harmony, a Sacred Dance in Continuum, the Eternal.

More years than Past Death, Living Present, or Non existent Future, these 3 among the huge expanse with Orchestration of Other assembling entities, stars, planets, meteors,etc, the concert is UNENDING. We breathe in, then exhale out, this rhythm of Living Optimistic Virtuous Experience TOGETHER, A Sacred Dance. Therefore, “What brings us together???

We are never divided and were never created to be divided. All are ONE, harmoniously synchronized within the Sacred Dance. Peace from Sunpeace Sanctuary. Be Whole, Be Free, Be ONE TOGETHER. AMUN


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sunpeacesanctuary by ABEM

Single traveler who has something of a purposed view to help others travel through the context of LIFE. This site is the place of rest, relax, reconnect, restore and revision your sacred space within by allowing Freedom to flow out of you into the cosmic correlation serendipitous to us ALL. Here is where the journey simultaneously ends to begin, by Understanding. Ok. About me. Simple. Once you release this Freedom from within, you will know me and be One with your own Sacred ME within. Simple. Peace.