Recognizing Life Connection Apart from the Reflection Imposed

Many miles apart from the U.S. to Sweden, yet in the calm of a day’s walk, another traveler visiting the path I travel shared Likeness in Understanding. For the moment I sat under shade to rest and ponder, she walk passed as I interrupted,with kindness, to share some discovery and directions. To my surprise, “I am a tourist”, she exclaimed, after recognizing slight accent in speech, I inquired about the nationality of her beginning. In Nobility, I bowed a gestured greeting to say “Hello” and Thanks to the Greater Sphere of creation for the visit offered between us. She walked away while I remained to rest in shade and write. I pondered a few minutes later of her safety in finding the directions shared and I thought of accepting more time to get more initial answers from her side of Life here on Planet Earth from where she grew up. Surprisingly, I found this traveler returning from the distance walking path, collecting wildflower and grass for her hosting friend she was in town visiting, to make a fall porch decorations. She smiled upon acquaintance and we began discussion as she chose distinguished correlation to the fixture to be made. I didn’t bother to impose this society’s reflection that “picking the wildflowers may be disapproved of”, since she was Free as I am Free. My questions to her were about”belief and ethos” in her side of the Planet during her youth. Then I discerned she may have thought I was “prostelyting”- that imposed reflection some called their “practicing faith”. So I re addressed our conversation about being in connection with Nature at the moment she mentioned not going to church. I also mentioned, “not going to church” instead, I had spent Sunday in the wooded path where Connection with Life gives us a realistic identity to who we really are. This church “Experience”, in the moment relating with Nature, is the exact Connection we share in Creation and is what those “imposed Reflection” people are  missing. I shared that her friends whom she admired, “having a resemblance of peace” in their countenance were getting their comfort in a “Church building” assembly with others in that same comfort zone. Yet, sports fans assemble with other sports fans as a like gathering. There are many other examples where crowds gather in comfort zones. Yet, the Truth about who we are, Rest in the realization, when we can find solitude and gain strength from the Experience alone Connecting with Nature, its distinguishing sounds, beauty, and design structure from Natural process(es). In that moment, we Experience one’s True identity, not imposed on by the Reflection from Society(s). She enlightened and smiling, drew in breath of Free Life. After a continued walk to her exit from the path, she mentioned a like experience of having lived without running water or electricity during her youth. I told of the sunpeacesanctuary development, where I had also lived without running water or electricity. Both agreed of the Experience as having been wonderful and inspiring. Being that close with Nature, always is.  Hope you as the reader draw encouragement from knowing, ” We are not alone” though at times, it may be that we are few and far between.( as I was once told by an imposed reflection preacher , while I remained in the building praying and the remaining congregation was off to McDonalds after service social) It was then, in like Experience(s), I discovered how Free I am from the Reflection Imposed. As I often quote myself, ” We are Born Free, growing up Learning to Remain Free” and ” Why do you Believe what you Believe and Where did What You Believe come From?”. Even Buddha is noted to have said that one should RESEARCH OUT a thing you are told, to even the point of “putting it to the test to see if it be true”. Only difficult with that is, You have to be Honest and Free from following a Lie before you would even accept being Free from one told to you. Peace,”Living Optimistic Virtuous Experience” { Think about it or Selah- I just happened to be sitting in the shade along the same path that a Like Free Being came along on, although her native ground of travel is many miles geographically away. How Awesome is That!} as some say”Life has a Way” Thanks for sharing Time together here in Sacred Space.


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Single traveler who has something of a purposed view to help others travel through the context of LIFE. This site is the place of rest, relax, reconnect, restore and revision your sacred space within by allowing Freedom to flow out of you into the cosmic correlation serendipitous to us ALL. Here is where the journey simultaneously ends to begin, by Understanding. Ok. About me. Simple. Once you release this Freedom from within, you will know me and be One with your own Sacred ME within. Simple. Peace.