Okay now stop. You’re really not that way.

Maybe a nap and rest will free you again. No it is not something spiritual, satanic, religious, occultic, or anything of the like. When you awake, you feel fine until your mind begins to think. Physiological stress, environmental stress and Yes, a certain amount of lack in vibrancy from others may have an amount of influence, yet, you know by experience that exercise and enough rest does the mind\body wonders. After all, the emotional frequency of those disturbances, are not you. Those people choose to work their job they are compelled to conform to each day. You have entite days and nights to do whatever. So of course, there is a huge transmission of indifferences. Just Be Free, remain calm, stay hydrated, and gets some sleep.


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sunpeacesanctuary by ABEM

Single traveler who has something of a purposed view to help others travel through the context of LIFE. This site is the place of rest, relax, reconnect, restore and revision your sacred space within by allowing Freedom to flow out of you into the cosmic correlation serendipitous to us ALL. Here is where the journey simultaneously ends to begin, by Understanding. Ok. About me. Simple. Once you release this Freedom from within, you will know me and be One with your own Sacred ME within. Simple. Peace.