When I found this place, it was the largest area I had ever had to personally spend time in without distraction or concern of being hindered. It was this Freedom experienced that emerged the name Sunpeace Sanctuary. I hope the very best of truth and Freedom to all who visit, in Like manner as I have had the blessing of learning through experience, Reality as it is meant to us to be. Free from the barriers built up since we were children. This space is where the Immortal Presence welcomes you through your visit and travel through Life, as an admonition to being whole. Let each moment spent here be an encouragement to growth as the true person you were born to be. We are born free, growing up learning to remain free. There is more to know from the experience and this beginning is a preparation for those travelers planning to spend time here. Sunpeacesanctuary is as close to primitive as found in an area yet developed by intrusion of modernization. More about this place later, once you continue growing with all who follow their truth, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Finding out what separates us from falsehood, fiction, fantasy, or fear begins with 2 questions: Why do you believe what you believe? and Where did what you believe come from?   add another page.


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