Thai Phoenix music

About. Just finding a way to share. I liked her sound. Peace


BEING FREE and aware of your Freedom

After several days of being away, I realize the challenge of having began this Blog was not necessarily anything other than Being Free in the midst of many who are not. Then I realized that circumstances here away from sunpeacesanctuary are not necessarily different when it comes to the challenge of personal emotion or state of mind during weather changes. Temperatures play a part to excite or dull the wants of doing anything productive, or one has many things to deter from getting the thought out here in this site. All the things that were not available on sunpeacesanctuary  become a challenge, only because the being chooses different things available to give attention and time to of slight necessity and importance, then there is the real time physiological condition that sometimes wears the body to remain away from the site. All this said, Being Free and aware of your Freedom will always get you back to the place, if only in rememberance of experience there, that allows Calm, Peaceful, reinstatement to who you are and were while visiting to experience your sacred space and growing within your sacred me. Peace

My soul’s reconciliation

Whenever we begin to journey from here to the outer framework of lifestyle, it can become noticed of the difference from freedom to whatever that other stuff is that does not have anything to do with peace, wisdom, serenity, and free being. Recently I engaged in connection to some kin and others via “facebook”. Then realized there are some things that are better left away from the path here, since some are away from this path. What I mean is simple. Whenever a path is chosen to follow through to peace, rest, and freedom, not everyone off that path will benefit your exploration, so there has to be another retreat away from those folks for your own personal restoration to become complete and whole. Wearisome as it may seem, once you have grown through the experience of having taken individual path here, learning the necessary awareness from your sacred space growing your sacred me, then choices of who you enjoy most time with will be clearer and those still in need of finding their path to freedom will benefit from your visit while you can remain able to refrain from having your freedom lost or endangered by their non freedom lifestyles. Peace

All or nothing

In fifteen minutes I would like to sincerely say that the society outside this Sacred Space has enough distraction to handle for one day. When I view the sky and surrounding area that naturally exist without any of those concerns, I remember that sunpeacesanctuary is meant for the very purpose of Life apart from what is not originally authentic to our genuine BEING. Peace.

In the nic of TIME

Whatever can be done is more than nothing that is ever done. So by remembering this small notion of a rule in survival, it helps to just make the connect from day to day, if only an idea is put down and left for further growth later. The seed sown can always be, unless not sown. So by doing what “little” effort one may, ’tis enough till another day. Peace. Happy Thoughts.

Patience in being able to quietly make it through any given day’s challenge

Hi, just a brief note that I will return to build with you on this site once the opportunity returns in ample time available. I have had engaged interactions with the falsehood of society that requires being away from the sanctuary, basking in the sun with peace. Hence, sunpeacesanctuary. Love all who agree to walk free in Life and will continue to build with the creative work allowed here.  Shilam Satnam Shilome. Peace. Adue. Word. & all wholesome greetings.

The final day of 2014- My new calendar for sunpeacesanctuary considers March as the first month

In search of calendar information, I came across an ENOCH calendar done by someone. It showed the 3month interval with a single day between each 3month quarter. These were the Spring/Autumnal equinoxes and  Summer/Winter solstices. So I adopted this framework as a good reference for the sunpeacesanctuary project. I began setting a post in the ground for marking the sunrise of the winter solstice and had one placed in line with the spring equinox sunrise. Then I put together a beginning sweat lodge, using the winter solstice alignment as the southern most wall to the lodge. There is a 360 degree open view of the horizon, that is nearly clear for as far as the eye can see. Here is where you the visiting traveler can see and experience something that you’ll have to visit yourself to experience. When those who lived long before us were walking and moving about the Earth, there were certain marvels to them that were not at that time explained. Thinking was different back then. So enjoy the walks and venture while here. There are some Truths to be learned, that only your inner wisdom and the Guide here will share. Peace