With what little you have

Very short of time, unlike when there at sunpeacesanctuary. So the message today is that sometimes survival may not abound with many things being available, so the thought is to retain what you do have in an assessment of creativity for the things you can makeshift for. In other words, when findings are small to putting together necessary material for your survival, use what little you have and make the most for the time being. Since sometimes we get too busy scrambling to find more, without utilizing what we already have. We become productive with what we do possess, then we are also available to see those little things that can become useful elsewhere and later in the near future. It’s almost like making room in the glass, for more to be poured in, if I am allowed to use that as an analogy. Peace. Thank You for visiting and I will be diligent to further continue sharing in what way this very thought was put into practice on sunpeacesanctuary. Thanks again.


In the Beginning…

It was Sept 2012, and I came across a person living out there on the same County Road as this place, sunpeacesanctuary. I stopped and asked if he mind I park my truck in his drive at night while I sought work. In the days following, I met another one time desert dweller who also had property nearby. These were 2 confirmations that at least showed a reality to an online “land purchase agreement” I had been considering. One thing I read from a survival guide, stated that “Life is a survival, always be on the lookout for those things that will help you remain out of danger and build either shelter or resources to provisions until you are better self sustained. So by meeting these 2 people, I made a trip into the nearby community, did some “footwork”, then asked further questions to the property leasor(s) before the actual signed agreement went into effect.

Mind this, that I began Life in Louisiana, where Cajuns are known to have survived Hurricanes, mosquitos, ie. hardships, that other people, still to this day, just don’t quite understand. My heritage lived off the land, skinning neutra, alligators, and  doing small scale commercial fishing. During other seasons they were sharecroppers on farmland. It is a way of Life to make use of what the LORD provides through the EARTH’s natural resources.

Although I didn’t have it to their extreme, my desolation was not without PROMISE. So from the beginning, I had to make use of common sense application learned from the geographical location that I grew up in and make use of those skills here. Since Cajuns are hospital people, I first made attempt to know the neighbors to the surrounding property. This was not as pleasant as we would like it to be. As many of you have experienced, in moving to a new location, being the newcomer doesn’t always assure an invitation to their community. What became interesting was that these 2 people were not the top representatives of the area and I had to work through their diversion and outlook of the area in order to make my progress successful for sunpeacesanctuary to become a reality. PEACE

It’s all new to me

When I began to practice what I had learned in the military and in college, I realized that all of what we learn through time can be useful if we really have to apply it. Many times people are stuck with a job or place in Life, without the surrender of knowing their purpose. It hinders their growth and they feel like they are not really fulfilling a dream, goal, passion, or useful purpose. Then, others create a path that helps them drive their pursuit into a reality that takes them to another level of satisfaction or not. Here, on sunpeacesanctuary, it’s survive or die. No one comes to the rescue if you yourself do not provide an effort for “making it”. You see, the desert is not forgiving. The land has no running water and no electricity. Isn’t that Cool? I lived 2 years here, “off the GRID” and was blessed by the quite, undisturbed moments to learning how nature, all around us, is complete. No hustle, bustle, or stress with dates guidelines, or time constraints. Peace