Space apart for the traveler

This is where I have arranged space for you to roam around the grounds and get acquainted with the GUIDE that gave me Freedom here. First I would like to mention that since the desert has its own ecology, when I first began exploring around I made sure to pay attention to sounds. Not that I want to spook you as visitors, I am really just giving you each a heads up. When we are busy in the hustle and bustle of our individual worlds, often we neglect to pay attention to the slightest of clues that allow us to know that there is need of awareness while walking in these desert areas. For instance, one day while bending over to water an experimental garden I was learning to maintain, I heard a click sound twice. After looking over to the right rear I saw that a dry reed was blowing in the wind. I still had some corn plants to water, so when I returned from refilling the water bucket I looked over to the further right and there it was. A 3foot rattler stretching out throught the pallet wall along where I was standing. I heard click click click, and realized it was the snake that had moved near me prior to this. At this time I realized the essential of paying attention to sounds. Peace


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