The first nights here

Initially there was just natural ground with natural ecosystem prior to the building and other materials brought to this site. What I am sharing is that before you can get to where you need to be, the first initial inventory starts with what is there. So I slept in my truck a few nights and during the day began surveying out the dimensions to this property by using maps sent to me by the people who advertised their sale of land. Understand that when people put together their strategy sometimes they hope for someone who hasn’t really any experience. I say this because one of the trainings I have was in surveying, so a lot of “contradictions ” sort of showed up. Never  the less, through the “trial as by fire” I was GUIDED, honestly, by some force here that led me to various pts. for referencing where to measure the outline of the property from. You see, when certain people are not closely supervised or “checked” for accuracy, they sort of do a “make do” job at what can really be critical in other areas of Life. As a surveyor, replicating the work you do must be observable and done repeatedly to exact and near exact specifications, or sometimes it eventually gets discovered that some dishonest work had been done. SO it took about an entire week and some to actually find “benchmarks” for reference pts. that were driven into the ground. What was miraculous about the experience, is just that “the experience”.

Here in the desert, where every brush can look exactly the same, one must distinguish a change in direction for following a guided path, so as not to lose focus, concentration in number count while stepping off a distance, direction walking to and from. It requires all the senses to get through a day of looking along the ground for a pipe, stick, metal bar, or some significant sign left by surveyor’s nearly 30 years before. Yet, when something appears, “AHA” moment and awe for GUIDANCE taking you there. Trust me, it was painstaking to clear ALL THE ACHES, PAINS, AND MESSAGES COMING INTO THE MIND, (walking across miles of desert) and then, there is found something to give reward for the effort. Inspiration in the smallest of ways becomes the oasis for the thirst, when searching for something with a purpose, despite the seemingly adverse human effects against us that seem bearable only because, for some of us, this isn’t the first time we venture through the channel of search and progress from “scratch”. Experience added to skilled learning becomes the asset to our advantage in these situations. Whether it be the career choice for life or new beginning without any idea how, inertly, here on sunpeacesanctuary, our threshold for survival gets tested. I say to all who wish to visit here, “Come test your Faith in the Desert”. Life lessons are yours to be encountered. Peace


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