Trail to the campfire

Better to say,” One is not afraid to Live” than to follow the opposite, “I am not afraid to die”. Life is the purpose within growing, maturing, to overcome(or) come over the unnatural barrier(s). When the word “live” is turned around, it reads “evil”, not to mean bad, simply “written in the opposite direction”. So choose to have your life, purpose, written in the better direction and Live, free being.

LOVE is the acronym for Living Optimistic Virtuous Experience.

Lust is a craving, desire, passion, like fire with 5 possible descriptions. A flame to Heal and Comfort (or) Burn and Destroy.  The fuel to these outcomes is “need” or “greed”. In Life, one receives to the need as provision. In effect, as an opposite, the other seeks more than is enough as to supply assurance in security to “keeping the flame” alive. Yet, this internal fire exist without support to its existence. The 5th character of the flame is a Light to both, need or greed. One in balance and the other is unable to be balanced and unnatural(in sense of the effort required to continuously feed/fuel it).

Under human management, “fire burns” are useful when aligned or produced  from understanding Natural Purpose to the existence of Fire, as in Knowing and Understanding the Freedom of lust. Natural fire occurrences do the same and are useful in the  Natural cycle. Yet due to misconceived notion of human development and human management without Nature in a Natural Cycle, so does lust become detrimental and destructive.

Lust as  passion, desire, and  craving are not to be avoided and seen as a “void” or empty space of need to be filled. Instead or in position of, as an existing purpose part of our Life receiving provision to heal, comfort, and guide us within the natural cycle without rules from human management about unnatural controls, unnatural guidance, and mental blocks against nature. Fire burns & destroys, heals and comforts, giving illumination as either.

Awareness to living Optimistic Virtuous Experience helps protect from and against its harmful, damaging effect by not being in the way, in the place of, giving opportunity to, or ignoring without any attention or caution to Lust, as Fire, having such qualities.

Rape is Reaction (or) Response Against Personal Experience. Abuse is Action (or) Acting Beligerantly Under Sensual Expression. Those Victim are either playing with fire(lust) or unknowingly in its path. Either way, the same fire(lust) resides within all living beings, with difference in appreciation to and receiving for as need (or) seeking to replenish as greed. Either way, not to be considered only in context to sexual description, as has mistakenly been done by those whose avoidance, their void, gets filled with non reception to a natural provision for, by material gain, human development without respect for natural cycles, Nature as an ecological environment sustaining Life and instead, their position “purpose” has appearance to their belief in guidelines, rules, laws, imposed so they can suppress others to be like them. This is just another flame burning and destroying Nature’s provision, while they fight to survive in finding means to fuel their fire’s lust, initiating greed that cannot be satisfied since their decisions are not in balance with Existing Existences. This is where divorce, division, strife,stress, and accumulative misuse expends the Life meant to be lived, not embracing the opposite “I am not afraid to die” as courage against death. Rather, embrace Life receiving provision to the existing craving, desire, passion, as lust exist naturally, a guiding light from the flame that heals and comforts to all oppositions in getting burned or destroyed by it.

This being done by overcoming or coming over to the opposite direction in how evil is written and live Life in a productive natural way in synch with Nature’s cycle that fulfills purpose from all resulting uses of the fire. Respecting those outcomes to lust by choosing to fulfill by receiving provision for its existence and not attempting to fill full a void in avoidance to acknowledging the operation of lust and its outcome or results.

Falsehood screens out reality by roles provided to actors. We are living beings free from the roles of “acting”. Life is not fictional, neither is craving, desiring, and passion, being directed in healing and comfort from harmful burn or damaging destruction. Remove the imaginary escape from Reality to see Life produce your natural existence within its Natural cycle and escape entrapment(s) to Falsehood. Free Being does not cost any fabricated time, money, or energy exertion to be honest and truthful. Breathing,exhaling, and thought usefully applied, practiced, engaged naturally are free. We are born Free, growing up learning to remain Free.

Life exist without dom-inion. Life is free, lifestyles are not. Neither is the dom-inion of free-dom, a false reality to entice you into Society Lifestyles, commercialism, materialism, resource consumption, with rules, regulations, guidelines, and laws with bylaws and amendments. Life is free, received as provision to, without exertion for the lifestyle. Sunpeacesanctuary welcomes those visitors who come to learn and grow with their experience here. Nothing is more beneficial to genuine health than to allow yourself a moment here, breathing in, exhaling out, and receiving thought to see reality away fromLifestyle, allowing your Sacred Me in this Sacred space open to you, here at sunpeacesanctuary. Come relax, rest, reconnect, restore, reinvision your Life and return purposeful healing comfort in Wellbeing to others. Let us change our world together and rid strife’s divisions from Planet Earth, become One with Oneness.


One thought on “Trail to the campfire”

  1. This is the beginning of development. Visitors are welcomed to experience their reality here, without luxury imposed false security. Here the challenge is discovering your inner ME by having time alone here within your Sacred space. Peace


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