Under devlopment- Rest Relax Reconnect Restore Reinvision- 5R Primitive Resort

Along the Hwy 285 N route from Pecos TX (22mi N.) and (30mi S.) of New Mexico Border, (70mi S.) Carlsbad NM, is the site to experience Freedom from the individual’s world of hustle and bustle. In the winds that blow across the Guadalupe Pass, can be experienced an Ancient embodiment of experience only you the traveler can appreciate upon arrival and while visiting the grounds as an overnight weekly guest. All living beings who breathe in and out here realize their quest is only measured out in the amount of time shared here between you, the traveler, and Guidance from the embodiment of an experience here.

It has been said that “You only get out of Life what you put into it”. Yet here on sunpeacesanctuary, this is not so. Here in surrender of will to the element of survival, one will only find truth by receiving a message in simplicity. Things will not change in the desert to suit your needs and wants. It is you the traveler, who’ll learn patience, stillness, and knowledge by observing the way that nature has provided to us, by watching how Life here is survived by Nature’s offspring. There are unique animals, birds, plants, clouds, cycles of wind, and many other beautiful creative, artistic-like things about this natural boundary that inspires and teaches us who are quite and still enough to pay attention, listen, look and observe. I can see by the starlight, walk by the moonlight, and rest in the cool of the shade. Peace


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